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As seen in: New York Post, Washington Times, Yahoo,  National Review,  Real Clear Politics , The Western Journal,  Space News, The National Interest, Asia Times,  American Thinker and more



Winning Space tracks the increasing competition the United States is facing in the technology sector and depicts how the United States has been engaged in a Second Space Race—and how it has been losing. Author Brandon Weichert warns how the United States is at risk for a Pearl Harbor-type event in space.

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The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy

There has been an ongoing shadow war between the West and Iran, one that could explode and plunge the world into a third world war. The Biden Administration's move to make peace at any cost with the mad mullahs of Iran may be the very spark for a regional war that turns into a global conflict.  In The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy, author Brandon Weichert explores how the next world war is unfolding right before our eyes and explains how the American government can avoid it while maintaining its position of strength and support for its allies.

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Biohacked: China's Race to Control Life

When COVID-19 erupted from Wuhan, China under mysterious circumstances, the Communist Party of China covered up its existence for as long as possible. It is now apparent that there is more to COVID than what the authorities wish for us to know. Biohacked: China’s Race to Control Life details the decades-long pursuit by the Chinese Communists to dominate the biotechnology industry—to control the very building blocks of life on Earth—to further their political control at home and their supremacy abroad.

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In November, a Chinese space mining startup, Origin Space, will launch the world’s first space mining robot into Earth orbit (designated NEO-1). Once in orbit, NEO-1 will perform a series of tests to ensure it works properly. This proof-of-concept is the first of its kind and, if successful, will pave the way for China’s budding space mining industry to take flight.

How the 70's Unmade the World

For many, the 1970s was a sad and dreary decade—the culmination of the failures and excesses of the previous two decades that came before it. If the 1960s was America’s high, then the 1970s were America's hangover.

Taiwan is about to be attacked by China. America’s enduring policy of strategic ambiguity about the Sino-Taiwan dispute has failed. The bitter fruits of that failed program are about to be harvested by China — all at a time when America is paralyzed by domestic strife. Beijing has watched the chaos consuming the United States with great satisfaction.

Why America is at Risk of a Space Pearl Harbor

For the last decade, Beijing and Moscow have both reorganized their militaries — and developed weapons — to wage a space war against the United States. The situation is now so precarious that America could face a Pearl Harbor in space.

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